How to: Create a Sola Flower Bouquet using our Bouquet Kit

Spend a weekend or a weeknight and put together a beautiful bouquet for your home or for your wedding!


Step One: Get Your Materials Together

You will need:

Your Pine and Petal Market Bouquet Kit which includes loose unstemmed flowers, stems, hot glue stick sample, fillers, bouquet tape sample, bouquet wrapping.

Hot Glue Gun: You can find my favorite hot glue gun here . If you are doing this with your kids, check out this cooler temp glue gun

Step Two: Stem Flowers

Each flower will need to be stemmed with the paper wrapped stems sent with your kit. The flowers are delicate so handle them carefully so they don’t break or chip a lot. Cradle the flower in your hand as you add a small drop of hot glue to the bottom and add the stem carefully. Let the flowers dry completely before starting your bouquet-ing!

Step Three: Bouquet!

Alternate Adding Floral Stems and foliage/filler stems until you create a round bouquet. I like working from the middle by putting three flowers together and adding small and large flowers around. You can also choose to add the fillers at the end if you wish, but this technique has to be done carefully as not to damage the flowers.

Step Four: Wrap the Bouquet

Once you have your bouquet at a place you love, you can use the bouquet tape to solidify the placement of the flowers. Wrap as tight as you can but don’t worry if the tape breaks, just keep wrapping. I like to keep 1.5” inches of stem at the bottom and top of the bouquet leaving about a 2” wrapping area. We will cover the bouquet tape with the wrapping provided next (twine, ribbon etc)! Next take a small drop of hot glue and add it to the bottom of the bouquet tape. You can then wrap in a circular pattern the bouquet to the end of the tape and add another stream of hot glue to make sure the wrapping is secured.